1: kate spade new york no sleep till brooklyn bangle: coming in fall 2010.


1: kate spade new york no sleep till brooklyn bangle: coming in fall 2010.


Miu Miu goes live in 10 minutes!

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Todd Lynn - Interview.

I ‘reviewed’ todd lynn’s FW10 collection just over a week back when he showcased his latest pieces of ‘art’. If you look back you can tell by my words that i was more than impressed by the collection, and i thought what better way to take this another step further and talk about lynn’s impressionable pieces with the man himself. so if you wish to learn about what todd lynn thinks about janet jackson been front at his show, what the future holds for fashion or what he is currently listening to on his ipod, then KEEP READING!

TODD LYNN - INTERVIEW - - by jamie day

How do you feel your AW10 collection went down this fashion week?

Everything went to plan for the show. Reaction seems good from the press and the buyers.

What was your main inspiration for AW10?

The main inspiration was about the environment. How no matter what mankind has done to destroy the environment, the world will exist with or without the human race. The world has existed for millions and millions of years and it will continue to do so. Evolution will continue. So it’s positive in one way, but maybe not so positive for mankind.

Were you excited about the concept of having your show streamed live?

Ya. I think it’s great that everyone has the opportunity to see the show even if it’s via the internet. It’ll be great when we have hologram televisions and we can watch everything life-size right before our eyes.

I sensed a feel of post-modernism, somewhat space-age to it, what 5 words would you use to sum up the AW10 collection?

I like to work using the past and mixing it up with something futuristic. I think that modern is about hanging in the balance.
Hard, dark, sharp, structure, animalistic,

Janet Jackson on the front row, did she share any kind words with you?

Janet is a fan of my work and I was very happy that she made the trip to be supportive. We kept it a secret and just had her come in through the back stage. I saw her just before the show and right after.  She said she loved  the collection. It’s nice to hear kind words after the show, but you never really know what people think until days after. And when they buy!

Have you started on your SS11 collection yet and can you share any information about what we can expect to see, or what your inspirations are for it?

I have started SS11 but always keep it a secret. You’ll have to tune in in September to see it! Besides…. If I told you I have to kill you!

Favourite fabric?

That’s easy…. Fur and leather! I’m Canadian and always remember that Canada was founded on the fur trade. I only work with the best quality furs and leather. The furs are from Saga Furs. They are the best. I would never use fur from places that can’t prove to me that the animal were well treated and cared for. I love animals, in fact I have two cats. Pepe and Bella.

Favourite colour?

I love earthy type colours. Greys, Taupes, Black of course…..

Favourite designer?

I have always loved designers who were experts in structure. Thierry Mugler, Claude Montana, Pierre Cardin and Cristóbal Balenciaga.

Currently playing on your ipod?

Marina and the Diamonds, Florence and the Machine, The Big Pink, Kasabian, The Invasion Of…, so many it’s hard to keep track.

1 fashion do? 1 fashion don’t?

Fashion do – Mix it up. Have fun when getting dressed. Always wear something polished with something a bit tattered, like a suit with a ripped T-shirt.
Fashion don’t – don’t wear cheap copies – If you are trying to impress the fashion crowd, they’ll know it’s a copy. Be ‘’inspired’ if you can’t afford the real thing, and keep it real.

stay tuned for more interviews coming soon! for more on todd lynn, how to buy his collection items or to browse previous collections, visit… http://www.toddlynn.com/

(via blacksexjack)

(via blacksexjack)

Amanda Wakeley - Fall/Winter 2010.

Previously Amanda Wakeley’s collections haven’t impressed me so much, but as I skim through past seasons for a refresher to write this piece, I can see progression as a designer over time. SS10 brought us more colour than you see on a rainbow and it worked an absolute treat, so I was more than excited to see what Amanda was bringing us this time around. Bring it!

AW10 from Wakeley was unbelievably varied, with the whole collection showcasing pieces suitable for the modern day woman on almost any occasion. Like SS10 there was a lot of colour going on but use of darker tones that added maturity to each outfit. My personal favourites from this collection are as follows – the printed chiffon dresses containing black and whites mixed up to form a tree bark pattern, which doesn’t sound so lovely, but believe me, it worked. Small brown leather jackets were doing their thing, along with a brown leather rain poncho (is the only way to describe it) that was actually – amazing! The use of fur was fabulous, on the head, around the neck, on shoulders – it contrasted each outfit perfectly. My favourite of Wakeley’s creations was a gleaming cashmere navy blue dress that was to die for (if I was female, not male, of course). Amanda Wakeley’s AW10 collection sure left me feeling satisfied, and I’m sure she feels exactly the same. Lovely stuff!

- Jamie Day


Day 4 of London Fashion Week brings us Jaeger’s latest masterpieces from the creative mind of ex-Jean Paul Gaultier couture designer Stuart Stockdale. Past seasons from Jaeger have brought us beautiful pieces with attention to detail being one of Stockdale’s strongest components in design. AW09 really stood out for me as one of Jaeger’s greatest collection’s to date, so I was more than eager to see what was in store this time around.

With a number of ‘celebs’ dominating the front row at the BFC Show Space, bloggers and photographers weren’t going away empty handed. But as the first few models strutted the runway it soon became obvious that everyone’s attention would be diverted away from ex-S Club 7 member Rachel Stevens (remember her!).  The whole collection was so graciously varied, from impeccable day looks to lusciously appealing evening dresses. Highlights of the show for me are as follows – sheepskin lined boots were a complete win, along with tantalising patent high heeled biker boots which would compliment most of the collection. The navy blue velvet dress accompanied by a gleaming black leather belt was a definite high point, but with a collection with absolutely no low points, onlookers (including Joe McElderry – he was there for some reason?) have been spoilt.  The military hats were touch and go for me at first but they definitely boosted each look they sported. And the bright orange blazer and boyish jackets definitely did justice to the collection too. Thanks Jaeger, you should be proud.

- Jamie Day

Todd Lynn.

In the past Canadian born Todd Lynn has always given me a sense of fear (but good fear) from his collections, whether this be the all black pieces or the lighter-coloured outfits in his collections. But I am positive if that I stepped into one of his designs I would feel more powerful, and more confident than Peter Parker when he first realises he no longer needs glasses and he can climb walls. (Grazia readers love superhero references, right?) Moving on.

So I will get out the way that Janet Jackson was front row first. Sorted. I was expecting to see great use of fur and structured shoulders due to the on going pattern from previous collections but Lynn has stepped it up a notch this time around. Todd’s contrasting of colours is nothing but perfect, I have never seen yellows and browns intertwine so flawlessly. The first half of the collection gave off a hunter vibe with lavishing furs on most of the model’s shoulders reminiscent to that of an elegant eagle. With some of the outfits sported by unmistakeable Louboutin boots I could not fault a thing! What was to follow though was a range of ‘post-modern cyber bots’ with black leather tight to the body, high necks and outfits suitable for that of a woman of the Muslim faith with very little skin on show. Animal rights groups can do one, because fur simply rules! Thanks Todd Lynn, it has been a pleasure.

(apologies for picture quality, just screen grabs i took)

- Jamie Day

John Rocha.

In the past John Rocha has stuck to very dark colours for his FW collections and primarily white and light-coloured fabrics for the SS pieces. More widely known for his Debenhams’s label, Rocha’s designs could be said to be much more wearable for the everyday man or woman than many other of the designers showcasing this week. Rocha is continuously saying he is not driven by trend, and he surely keeps to his word for this collection.

With word of 300 people getting turned away due to high numbers, John Rocha’s packed out show opens with a high headpiece and dark dramatic flounces sported by suitable casual heels. A few models down Rocha’s influence of gothic Victoriana was more than obvious. It wasn’t all black to be seen in this collection though, with cream dresses and beautifully shaped brown leather jackets to boost this season’s look. John also touched up many of the outfits with exposed knee tights, which were simple but effective. For the limited menswear, or in this case I should say gentleman’s wear, each model flaunted a very raw outfit including frilly edged jackets complimented by fur and bowler hats. To sum up both men and women’s wear, I would describe it as an upper class Courtney Love in the early 1900’s and Sherlock Holmes at an Iggy Pop concert and I love it. Mr Rocha has definately taken it to another level with this collection and it’s clearly a big win.

- Jamie Day

Jena Theo.

It was just 6 months back when Jenny Holmes and Dimitris Theocharidis, who collectively make up Jena Theo, won Fashion Fringe, and with very few pieces to impress the judges they obviously made an impact. For the UK and Greek born duo, the showing of their fall/winter collection could be under much judgement as I’m sure they want nothing more to go from competition winners to respected designers.

Compared to Jena Theo’s ‘winning’ collection it was obvious that by the size of this collection they had been busy over the last few months. Last season saw minimal use of colour but much attention to detail, and to say between then and now they have matured as designers may seem cliché but it is totally true.

Each piece was very different to the next, and with much of the collection flowing ever so elegantly down the runway in a similar way; it was in the fabric and colour used that contrasted the collection. From mohair cloaks to beautiful draping it could be said the collection was a little couture but still accessible.

The shaping of each outfit was just perfect, whether this was from the brown leather jacket with a billowing long top underneath and a unique take on flats or to beautifully widened hips, the whole collection has so much utility.

The way the duo had progressed as designers since last September was nothing but obvious and I am sure it will be visible in 6 months to come.

(had problem uploading other photos) photo’s from londonfashionweek.co.uk (www.catwalking.com)

- Jamie Day


Submitted by Dylan Mataya


Submitted by Dylan Mataya